The Role of SD-WAN in Helping Companies Build IoT Infrastructure

In recent years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a hot topic and continues to drive digital transformation for various business sectors. The IoT device itself will run optimally on the 5G network. However, considering the number of IoT devices that a company will deploy, good integration is needed so that its functions run smoothly, including from the network side. To address the growing needs in terms of IoT network traffic which will become increasingly dense, companies need to increase network coverage such as using software or SD-WAN as a pragmatic approach.

How does SD-WAN play a role in IoT Infrastructure Development?

SD-WAN solutions are an evolution of a wide-ranging network. SD-WAN supports applications hosted in multiple locations over all network types and service provider connection types. Here are 3 benefits of SD-WAN in building IoT infrastructure:

1. Security

Data security issues are of course a major concern in business due to the proliferation of cyberattacks. The study by research firm Ovum emphasizes the importance for companies to upgrade their security infrastructure to meet IoT demands, which involves securing end-to-end traffic so that data is protected from cyber threats.

The 5G network will allow applications to operate virtually, and SD-WAN plays a role in preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information in two ways, namely path isolation and security controls. Lane isolation will allow companies to regulate traffic. In terms of security, SD-WAN allows companies to control or prevent traffic based on certain criteria.

2. Simply Designed Management

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How to Maintain Billing Records of your Web Hosting Clients?

How to Maintain Billing Records of your Web Hosting Clients?

A Reseller Hosting business has a lot of potential in today’s market where all businesses, big and small, are looking to increase their online presence. However, running and managing a successful reseller business requires a lot of effort. The reseller has to compete with hosting providers as well as other hosting resellers to offer the best services at competitive prices. Most hosting providers offer Windows as well as Linux Reseller Hosting plans along with the right tools to help you offer customized hosting plans to your clients. It is important to choose the platform carefully since some customers might prefer one platform over the other. In this article, we will talk about the best way to maintain billing records of your web hosting clients.

Maintaining Billing Records of your Web Hosting Clients

A billing software designed for hosting resellers must be simple and easy to use so that the reseller can focus his time and energy to providing better hosting experience. Reseller Hosting, like any other business, involves a lot of billing and finance-related processes. A good billing software must provide the following features:

  1. An overview of your sales figures along with analytical reports to help you understand your reach better
  2. A detailed account of all the client details and services with an option to manage them via a single interface
  3. An option to automate processes that can save time and increase efficiency

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Understanding the Difference Between KVM and OpenVZ

Virtualization is not a new technology. Remember your good old desktop computer? When it first came home, and the engineer set it up for you, you could see two drives in it ‘C’ and ‘D’. All we knew was that C drive stored important system files while the D drive could store our games! The interesting thing was that while we could use two drives, the system only had one hard disk drive in it which was partitioned virtually allowing us the benefit of two drives with several independent features. Over the last decade, tech experts have leveraged virtualization to offer virtual servers which can be used for various things. Today, we are going to talk about two types of virtualizations – OpenVZ and KVM.

Understanding the Difference Between KVM and OpenVZ

OpenVZ and KVM virtualizations

Kernel-based Virtual Machine or KVM is a technology focused on the kernel of the Linux machine. Using KVM, you can convert the kernel into a hypervisor and create virtual servers. It operates only on the Linux operating system. Since 2007, KVM has been bundled with the Linux Operating System and you can install it along with the kernel. KVM is true virtualization where the VPS functions as its own server.

On the other hand, OpenVZ is a virtualization technology which works on the OS level on Linux. Hence, different containers on the machine work in an isolated manner but share the same operating system. Also, each container works like an independent server, has root access, IP addresses, configuration files, etc. However, … Read the rest >>>>

Hiring A Professional Digital Marketing Agency

A solid digital presence is essential for a business to succeed, especially if you are starting with a new business. The enormous demand for social media platforms has led to the rise of various digital marketing agencies like comrade web agency, making it essential for one to have a digital marketing agency look after their marketing needs. However, before choosing an agency there are a lot there a lot of things that you should tick mark in order to avoid taking an impulsive decision.

Hiring A Professional Digital Marketing Agency

Things that should be considered

Make a list of marketing requirements- Consider your marketing needs; and make a clear list of all the services that are required. For this your marketing team should take a decision of the activities that have to be outsourced; here are the things that a digital marketing agency can provide to your firm:

  • Website design and development
  • Blogging
  • Content creation
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Analytics
  • SEO
  • Search engine marketing
  • Online advertising

It is important to be clear about your marketing requirements before you look for outsourcing.

  • Prepare for a long-term partnership- Hiring a digital marketing agency for outsourcing the marketing requirements, means that your firm would have to cooperate with them for a long-term. So to maintain a long-term relationship like this it is important to be open and transparent to get the best results. The agency that you would hire has to understand your views and ideas and give you the required feedback.
  • The right agency type- Digital
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Learn How to Hack Someone’s Cell Phone with Just Their Number

Gone are the days when it was considered difficult or even next to impossible to hack someone’s cell phone. With the advanced technology at our disposal nowadays, it is possible to hack someone’s cell phone. In this post, our major concern lies in knowing how to hack someone’s cell phone with just their number.

While hacking someone’s cell phone is measured as an illegal and unethical activity, there could be many reasons as to why one would feel the need to hack someone’s cell phone. For instance, a parent would want to monitor their child’s cell phone activity to ensure they are using their device appropriately and staying away from the online threats.

Learn How to Hack Someone’s Cell Phone with Just Their Number

On the other hand, an employer would want to keep a check on their employees’ cell phones handed to them by the company itself to make sure they are not wasting their time chatting with friends on the internet. Similarly, any person who would want to spy on their partner’s cell phone activity would definitely consider hacking their cell phone without them knowing.

Now, there could be various methods to hack someone’s cell phone. One of them includes hacking a cell phone using just the number. Let’s first talk about how to hack someone’s cell phone with just their number and then we can tell you about the other popular methods being used these days to hack someone’s cell phone.

How to Hack Someone’s Cell Phone with Just Their Number

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