Network Communications Protocols

Network Communications Protocols

Network communications protocols are a way to send data between two systems. They define rules for syntax, semantics, synchronization, and error recovery. There are numerous protocols that are used in communication, from HTTP to ICMP. Let’s look at some of them. Then, learn about their advantages and disadvantages.


TCP/IP is a network communication protocol that divides a single message into several packets. These packets can then be forwarded by network devices such as routers and switches. Each packet is numbered so that it can be routed to its destination. This type of protocol is connection-oriented, which means that it ensures that a link is formed between the source and destination computers.


HTTP is a standard for web-based computer communications. It uses ASCII text format to specify the request and response. It defines three basic methods, GET, PUT, and DELETE, which are all derived from the name of the resource. The GET method is the most commonly used. This method asks for a specific resource that corresponds to an existing or dynamic file on the server. The POST method, on the other hand, uses an entity body, which is the user’s input.


FTP is a network communications protocol used to exchange files between computers. It uses a control connection to transmit data and responds to commands from the client. The protocol can be used with binary or text files and uses a variety of different transmission modes. In the default mode, data is transformed into a stream of …

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Network Communication Types

Network Communication Types

There are various types of network communication. Here we’ll discuss LAN, MAN, PAN, and WAN. Each type has their advantages and disadvantages. Learn about them and how they affect your business. Once you know the differences between them, you can design your own communication system. LAN is the most common type of network. It allows you to share files and information between locations.


A LAN is a system that provides computer communication across a local area network. LANs are generally made up of cables and connect to a router or cable modem. They also may include network devices. Various LAN network communication types are available, such as twisted pair Ethernet, token ring, and fiber-optic cable. Each system on the LAN is assigned a 48-bit address, which is transmitted each time it transmits data. The entire network receives all messages, even if several systems are transmitting at the same time. If a system detects a simultaneous transmission, it delays the transmission by a random interval, which reduces the chance of collision.

LANs are characterized by fast data transmission, low-cost hardware, and smaller geographic area. They are often used in private buildings and can be used in office buildings, hospitals, and homes. They use twisted-pair and coaxial cables as the communication medium, and they cover short distances.


A Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is a type of network communication that spans a city or metropolitan region. This type of network is larger than a LAN but smaller than a wide area …

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How Do You Set Up a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire?

How Do You Set Up a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire?

To get started, you need to ask yourself: How do you set up a customer satisfaction questionnaire? There are many ways to get the responses you need. In this article, you will learn what questions to ask, the format for your survey, and how to create an email invitation. You can also learn about the benefits of customer satisfaction surveys. These are the top reasons why a customer satisfaction survey is so important.

Questions to ask

Customer satisfaction surveys are a great way to determine how satisfied your customers are. They can be used by both large and small businesses and can provide important information. The questions you choose should be relevant and informative, but they must also be short and easy to answer. Short, easy-to-answer questions will encourage your customers to answer them. You can use templated questions for this purpose. These questions can be used for standalone surveys or as the initial question of a longer survey. Ensure you follow survey design best practices to make your survey as informative as possible.

Customer satisfaction surveys should be ongoing, as they allow you to gather specific information about your customers’ experiences. The information you collect through a survey can help you improve your product or service, increase customer loyalty, and boost your bottom line. Here are some sample questions you can use in your customer satisfaction surveys. Depending on the nature of your business, you can select as many as six questions as you need. But it is still …

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Network Communications and Managed Network Services

Network Communications and Managed Network Services

When it comes to network communications, managed network services can be an excellent choice for your business. These providers provide monitoring and repair services, and they also can help you with remote application hosting and remote repair. In addition, the cost of these services can be fixed, and you can choose which services you need or want to include in your plan.

In addition to monitoring

Managed network services include a comprehensive range of network management and monitoring services. These solutions range from basic up-and-down monitoring to comprehensive remediation and support. They are provided by engineers certified in a range of networking and IT disciplines. They are adept at supporting the full range of premise and cloud-based applications.

Network monitoring tools collect real-time statistics and provide insight into the underlying network. As more components are connected to a network, the risk of critical failure is increased. Although most monitoring systems only alert users after a critical failure, continuous real-time monitoring tools can identify problems before they occur and take necessary remedial steps.

Remote application hosting

Remote application hosting is an important component of a managed network services offering. These services allow you to offer a variety of applications to a diverse user base, and allow you to control the overall performance of your network. These services are ideal for businesses that need to offer high-quality services to their customers.

On-site repair

Managed network services can reduce downtime and damage, which can be costly for your business. They can also save …

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Why Do You Need Load Testing For A Website?

Why Do You Need Load Testing For A Website?

The fact is that if autotests are still being written to maintain quality in some web projects, then few people are involved in performance control at the development stage in principle. A web project with both autotests and code benchmarks is a rarity. Developers are much more likely and for reasonable reasons to use the following heuristics with a good value-for-money ratio:

  • Queries to MySQL (further we will cite this popular database as an example) go through a fairly adequate API that uses indexes (although we do not see exactly how indexes are used by the scheduler and what their cardinality is).
  • The results of executing queries to the database and heavy pieces of code are cached.
  • The developer checked the construction of the web page 3.14 times in the browser, and if it doesn’t slow down at first glance, then everything is OK.

Let’s take caching. The developer often has no time to think about how often the cache can be rebuilt. But in vain. For example, if it takes a long time to rebuild the product catalog cache and the cache is reset when one product is added, then caching will do more harm than good.

That is why it’s not recommended to use the built-in MySQL query cache, which suffers from a similar problem: the table cache is completely flushed when at least one record of the table changes (imagine a table with 100 thousand rows, and the absurdity of the situation becomes obvious).

Also, often curious …

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