How Do You Set Up a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire?

How Do You Set Up a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire?

To get started, you need to ask yourself: How do you set up a customer satisfaction questionnaire? There are many ways to get the responses you need. In this article, you will learn what questions to ask, the format for your survey, and how to create an email invitation. You can also learn about the benefits of customer satisfaction surveys. These are the top reasons why a customer satisfaction survey is so important.

Questions to ask

Customer satisfaction surveys are a great way to determine how satisfied your customers are. They can be used by both large and small businesses and can provide important information. The questions you choose should be relevant and informative, but they must also be short and easy to answer. Short, easy-to-answer questions will encourage your customers to answer them. You can use templated questions for this purpose. These questions can be used for standalone surveys or as the initial question of a longer survey. Ensure you follow survey design best practices to make your survey as informative as possible.

Customer satisfaction surveys should be ongoing, as they allow you to gather specific information about your customers’ experiences. The information you collect through a survey can help you improve your product or service, increase customer loyalty, and boost your bottom line. Here are some sample questions you can use in your customer satisfaction surveys. Depending on the nature of your business, you can select as many as six questions as you need. But it is still essential to consider the customer journey and determine the right survey questions.


A customer satisfaction survey format is essential to gather customer information about their experience with a company’s products or services. The questions should be easy to answer and provide insight into how customers feel about a company. Customers will respond better to a survey that is simple and uncomplicated. This will help guide improvements to customer support. This type of survey should also include channel-specific questions.

A customer satisfaction survey should include demographic questions such as age. Including age in the survey format as a multiple-choice question is important. Age range options can be based on the ideal customer profile or market segmentation. Providing a period as a multiple-choice option allows the respondents to give you an indirect assessment of their knowledge and experience level. A survey with questions about age is commonly the first question in most surveys.

Time to start

There are many important factors to consider when it comes to your business. Customer satisfaction surveys are not merely a means of collecting feedback. They also provide valuable insight into the opinions and thoughts of your customers. Here are some tips for creating a customer satisfaction survey. First, determine the objectives of your survey. Your purpose will dictate the number of questions and the survey length. Remember, survey fatigue is real. 70% of respondents will abandon your survey before completing it.

The more transparent you are about the reasons for your customer satisfaction survey, the more likely your respondents will be to provide honest feedback. In addition, being upfront with them about your goals will encourage them to give their honest opinion and help your company improve. You can also use previous data to pre-populate the questions and route them around irrelevant ones. Lastly, make sure the questions are straightforward. A survey is not worth completing if it contains mistakes.

Creating an email invitation

The most important thing to remember when creating an email invitation for a customer satisfaction survey is the length of the study. Without knowing how long the survey will take, respondents will probably not click the link or complete the survey. Be realistic when estimating how long the survey will take, as underestimating will lead to more drop-offs and reduced trust in future survey invitations. To ensure that respondents complete the survey, include a clear indication in the email invitation that they can stop the survey anytime they want.

Make your email invitation stand out from the rest. Keep in mind that email respondents receive a lot of emails. Adding a name to the email invitation will set it apart from the rest. However, ensure that your name is in line with your business brand voice and identity. For example, “Dear Valued Client” does not convey value. You can also include context in the email, such as a common question asked by respondents.

Adding question branching

Skip logic and branching is a great ways to avoid displaying irrelevant follow-up questions and create intelligent surveys. When respondents answer a question, the system will skip the subsequent questions and display only relevant ones. When adding question branching, consider using nested conditional logic to create custom paths for each respondent.

In Microsoft Forms, you can easily create surveys, polls, and quizzes. Then, you can use branching logic to change a survey question based on a respondent’s answer to a previous one. In addition, branching logic allows you to specify custom variables and piping text on the source question. The data entered in these fields will be used in the ‘branched to’ question.