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Majoring in Computer Engineering Will Be Recession Proof

Majoring in computer engineering will develop many useful skills and plenty of opportunities for any young person in the future. Since computers have become part of most people’s lives, a degree in computer engineering is extremely useful. With this major, a young person will be able to comprehend what is behind these computers that people use everyday. They will be able to now how to use, fix, install, and even build their own computers. Since this major also requires challenging subjects (physics, math), analytical and logical thinking is developed which could not only benefit them in their career, but also in their everyday decisions. Students will have plenty of career opportunities in the future. For instance, The Bureau of Labor Statistics mentions that “Computer software engineers are one of the occupations projected to grow the fastest and add the new jobs over the 2006-16 decade.” Since it develops analytical and logical thinking as well as provides many job opportunities, this major has high potential. This double major also comes with another part, business administration.

A major in business administration develops in a young person leadership and knowledge that will certainly help them succeed in their career and life. From grocery stores to the government, everything is a business. With so many businesses, educated leaders are needed to make better decisions for their own business and for their country. A business administration degree includes learning about business, marketing, and finance. Since a business is all about satisfying the customers, business administrators will develop social skills. They will be able to communicate better with their own family and friends and of course with their co-workers and employees. Business administrators have to take charge of their companies. They have to lead and make sure to make wise decisions. By majoring in this field, a young person will gain the knowledge, communication skills, and leadership to make wise decisions.

By creating and by selling, I want to be part of the increase in technology. The workload may be challenging, but the logical and analytical thinking, knowledge, leadership, and communication skills a young person can learn is incredible. With so many job opportunities one doesn’t have to worry about finding a job. A young person will learn with a major in computer engineering and business administration great qualities and develop great skills leading them straight into a successful career and life.