The dramatic increase of internet and data users in the 21st century comes with its benefits and downsides. Due to large traffic generated in websites, it is a common thing to see web services slow down as their proposed hardware infrastructure finds it difficult to keep up. Normally, this would mean the purchase of more servers to compensate for the increase in traffic.

Of course, this step has its own disadvantages. One is the problem of scalability which simply means you can’t easily increase your computing power without purchasing more hardware and when you need to downsize, you’re left with lots of hardware you don’t need. It’s similar to buying a memory stick with a higher space for your device when you need it, and getting stuck with a large memory drive you don’t need when you need to get rid of your information. However, thanks to cloud computing, these problems can be a thing of the past.

Cloud computing is very much similar to paying for electricity or other utilities. When paying for electricity, you get billed per time for every kilowatt-hour of electricity used and you don’t have to have the entire grid in your house. Same with cloud computing. By putting your website and other information on a cloud server like you would any dedicated server; you get to scale up and down instantly based on your need.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Unfortunately, many hundreds of thousands of businesses still use the old method of hosting for one reason or the other. Hopefully, the benefits mentioned in this article would get business owners to awaken to reality and choose the best option. Here are some reasons why cloud computing is more desirable in the 21st century:

  1. Saves Money

By using a normal dedicated server, you get to spend lots of money for hosting. You pay for the service when you use it and when you do not use it. However, with cloud computing, you get billed for the exact service you use at every point in time.

  1. Scalable

Another important perk of the cloud server or cloud computing is its ability to adjust to your needs without any noticeable difference. So when you feel like you need to increase or downsize your computing power, you get to do it without your website customers knowing that anything changed.

  1. Instant

Just like you can turn off a light bulb when you don’t need it and on when you do, computing from cloud hosting can be increased and decreased as quickly as possible, saving business time.

  1. Saves Time

By using the old system of hosting, piling loads and loads of servers, you get focused on computing power and data storage issues; and you lose a lot of time that should have been used to grow your customer base. However, by letting a dedicated cloud hosting server handle these issues, you have enough flexibility and freedom to focus on business.

  1. Portable

With new technology, you can use your smartphones and tabs to save and share valuable information on the cloud with authorized personnel.

For good flight in the 21st century for your business, you have to let go of the weight of many local servers, get your head in the cloud and soar.