Buy Computer Hardware

Buy Computer Hardware

Buy Computer Hardware

There is an ongoing debate about the benefits of buying computer components to build your own customized personal computer and choosing a computer that is ready to use at a store in your local store. Apparently, a computer made in a store gives you the convenience of choosing a PC model that suits your specifications, then you take it home or to the office and plug it in and voila! It’s ready to use. Buying computer components on the other hand, gives you the freedom to set your own PC according to the exact specifications using branded parts that are more durable and easier to replace when you want to improve your system. But putting together the fine parts of a computer isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, no matter how simple the instructions are. Whatever choice you make depends on what works best for you, so it’s important to have a better understanding of the type of computer hardware that should be on your personal computer.

The hardware inside your computer including the box that holds all this comes from different individual manufacturers, and these parts are gathered together under the operating system which is software that is usually run by Microsoft. To keep the price of computers made in stores popular, distributors will usually use generic parts that may be of lower quality, and because they must meet market standards, it is difficult to find a personal computer that is specifically suited unless your proceeds to buy computer components as instead.

Your purpose in buying a computer can be categorized based on the following needs:

For basic computer tasks –

This includes performing Microsoft office functions such as Word and Excel, internet access for email, connecting with friends and family through social media, search or research, online shopping, online banking, downloading music, watching videos, etc. ..

Gaming –

Starting from simple card games, simulation games like flying an airplane or driving a high-speed car or motorcycle, platform games like the famous Mario, Action-adventure games that can be categorized as hardcore games that require high-resolution video, etc …

For the video animation, graphic design and high-density movie work –

To get the best results for this category, you will need high-intensity computer components.

The following is a list of basic computer hardware to guide you in choosing the type of personal computer that best suits your needs:

Random Access Memory or RAM –

This allows your computer to read data faster so that higher ram speeds up the speed of your computer system whose capacity is measured in gigabytes. Ram 2 gigabytes or 2GB can provide good speed for your computer system.

Hard Disk Drive –

This is the hardware that stores primary information and data. So, even if you do only basic tasks, you will still collect various kinds of data that you want to save and logically, your stored files will continue to increase over time. Choose a hard disk that has at least 160 GB to ensure large storage capacity. An external hard drive is also available if you need more space for storing large files including your backup files. You can ask your computer store about this when buying computer components.

Central Processing Unit –

Also referred to as a microprocessor is your brain or computer where the functions of a program are run. The CPU triggers your operating system which boots your computer. Most microprocessors are produced by Intel and AMD, but Intel continues to be a more popular choice. When buying computer components such as your CPU, you see clock speed, cache memory, and bus speed. These factors determine respectively how fast your computer will run, how much data can be stored, and the speed of your CPU executing in transferring data to and from other components. For basic computer tasks, usually, Intel Dual-Core is recommended.

MotherBoard –

This is where most of your computer’s main components are embedded such as microprocessors, memory cards, video cards, power supplies, drive connectors and other computer components. The type of motherboard is very important when buying computer components because you have to choose one that will allow you to increase the peripherals installed in it.

Video / Graphics Card –

This computer hardware is very important for playing games and for video and graphics usage because it is a component that processes image data that comes out on your monitor. You can choose from cheaper 2D graphic images or you can search for the latest 3D image results. A highly recommended graphics card is a 1GB NVidia graphics card with an Asus motherboard and a 500GB hard disk capacity that you can determine when purchasing computer components.

If you want a personal computer that suits your needs, it’s recommended that you make your own rather than buy a unit made in a store. There are computer stores that can do this for you, and that will help you in buying the computer components of your choice. However, if you are not very particular with the technical aspects of your computer and you prefer to choose a storage unit, make sure you buy a computer that contains hardware that can be replaced and upgraded.