Buying a Cheap Budget Computer: Portability Vs Function

Buying a Cheap Budget Computer: Portability Vs Function

Buying a Cheap Budget Computer: Portability Vs Function

Technology is ever-changing making it increasingly difficult to buy a computer that will last you three to five years after its initial purchase. Lasting a few years after purchasing it does not mean it will necessarily break down, but more along the lines that you won’t be able to run the newer software titles. Software is continually updated and always requiring the latest hardware to make it function properly.

The Portability vs. Function Debate

The portability of a notebook computer has made it quite popular among new buyers. The smaller form factor and seemingly limitless boundaries on using the computer have been a large selling point. Notebook computers are also able to fulfill a number of basic duties for users, such as Internet browsing, emailing and word processing, while adding the luxury of doing this almost anywhere you, please.

Despite this, notebook computers are sold at a much higher price point than a desktop and can sometimes be double or triple the cost. While portability is a nice feature to have on a computer, the reality is that you can buy a capable desktop/tower computer for almost half the price. Desktop computers are in some ways more versatile than a notebook computer because they can be upgraded with third party computer components. The computer owner can do most of these upgrades such as RAM, hard drive and video card on his or her own. The computer components in a desktop computer are more generic and can be bought for far less than notebook computer components, which are often smaller and more expensive.

Final Thoughts

While portability may seem important, the reality is that you may get more out of your budget and your computer by purchasing a desktop, rather than a notebook. You can also upgrade the internal components of the computer, which will allow you to enjoy the computer for many years to come.

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