Start a Website For Free With a Free Web Hosting Company

Start a Website For Free With a Free Web Hosting Company

You can start a website for free with a free web hosting company. However, free web hosting comes with a price tag – server maintenance fees. Hence, the companies providing free web hosting need to find a way to pay the bills. There are several strategies that such companies employ to cover their costs, some of which are deplorable and unethical.

Limitations of free web hosting

Free web hosting is often limited by a large bandwidth limit. This can negatively impact your website’s loading speed. Slow loading times are not only frustrating for your site visitors, but can also affect your rankings. The more media elements your website has, the more bandwidth it will need. This can make your site load slowly, especially during rush hours.

Another downside of free web hosting is that it is not a good choice for businesses who need fast site setup and quality support. Unless you plan on growing your business in the near future or expect to have high traffic, free web hosting is not a good option. Also, free web hosting plans typically come with advertisements. Those ads are not directly related to your website, so they may contain advertisements for competitors. In these cases, your website may lose customers to those competitors.

As the name implies, free web hosting has several restrictions, including limited disk space, bandwidth, and advertisements. These limitations will likely result in your site outgrowing the free plan in no time. Furthermore, free hosting services often have minimal …

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