Network Music

Network Music

As the nation’s premier organization for commissioning new music, the Network for New Music is now in its 37th year. Since the organization’s founding in 1980, it has commissioned over 160 new works from some of the most prominent composers, including many Pulitzer Prize winners. These works have been performed by more than 3,000 musicians across the United States.


In network music, participants can collaborate with other musicians using a client- server model. Using NINJAM, musicians can share their musical creations with each other and collaborate using any instrument, or combination of instruments. Each participant contributes to the project by synchronizing the audio stream in time to the previous interval recorded by others. It also makes it possible to collaborate with musicians all over the world.

When recording music in NINJAM, it is important to keep latency under control. Latency is a common problem with music collaboration applications. Because latency affects performance, it is crucial to minimize it. Most music collaboration applications work to reduce latency. However, NINJAM’s authors have gone above and beyond to address this issue. The application’s clients record and transmit audio at cyclic intervals, reducing the risk of dropouts.


Philips’ Streamium network music players are relatively easy to install and use. They use a back-end service owned by Philips, called the ECD-interface, to connect to web-based content delivery services. The service acted as a switch-board for the Streamium products and provided the company with an easy way to build relationships with customers. In this …

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