Token Ring Network

Token RingAdalah sebuah cara akses jaringan berbasis teknologi ring yang pada awalnya dikembangkan dan diusulkan oleh Olaf Soderblum pada tahun 1969. If you keep in mind your network topologies, Token Ring was a ring technologies whereby information went from 1 personal computer to an additional in a ring format. Star topology is made use of in most current information and facts networks that involve data processing and voice communication.

MAUs, repeaters, and most other gear use a specific IBM Kind-1 unisex information connector (Newer Token Ring cards and MAUs use RJ-45 connectors and CAT5 UTP cabling). There are still some legacy minicomputers and mainframes that nonetheless use Token Ring networks but they are couple of and far involving.

A computer that passes the token to the next personal computer on the logical ring would be referred to as the nearest active upstream neighbor (NAUN) The pc receiving the token is the nearest active downstream neighbor (NADN) Once a laptop or computer takes possession of the token and transmits information, it then creates a new token and passes it to its NADN.

It is also feasible to extend the configuration in Figure 9-two to involve a ring consisting of a number of interconnected hubs. In the MSAU, if we do not connect a cable to a Ring In or Ring Out port, that port loops the signal back through the MSAU to maintain the integrity of the ring.

When the backbone of a bus variety network makes use of a repeater, it could be required to tailor the cable length and adjust the terminator. Beaconing initiates a procedure called autoreconfiguration, where nodes within the failure domain automatically carry out diagnostics in an attempt to reconfigure the network around the failed places.